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Sandrine Fine Arts & Jewelry

Sandrine Fine Arts & Jewelry


From a family of artists and originally from Provence, France, Sandrine is a world traveler and visited countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. She has lived in various parts of France and the United States, and now resides in Boston, MA. Initially trained as a scientist and engineer, an inspiration for many of her pieces, she has been making and creating art throughout her life. Beginning in 2013, Sandrine has been showing her work as a professional artist in galleries and museums in New England, New York and other US region, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and France.

Statement – Painting & Mixed Media

A versatile artist working in acrylic and mixed media, my compositions are abstract, referencing natural forms and movement, filled with bright paint swirls, playful paper cut-outs, and three-dimensional objects, resulting in richly textured abstract canvases with intricate layering. Continuously experimenting with form, color, and medium, my work is a a snap-shot representation of stories, letting innovation and creativity materialize on the canvas, leaving the viewer’s imagination to finish the story I started, making imagination, visible. I am a painter of stories. All my pieces have a story to tell. Which one will you find as your own?


“Art is the expression of one’s inner self. It represents what is, has been, will be, or is worth arguing or representing. It’s an ever-evolving story of imagination.” Sandrine


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