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Mike Slater Tribute to Elvis

Mike Slater Tribute to Elvis

Mike Slater became an avid Elvis fan at the age of six when his parents gave him his first Elvis Album, "Elvis Rockabilly 1956". While he began singing and emulating The King’s voice early in his childhood, it wasn’t until many years later when a co-worker coerced him into singing at a karaoke contest in a bar that his voice would be heard publicly. After ultimately winning many karaoke contests, he was asked to perform at a private party.

Prior to the party, Mike embarked on a trip to his idol’s home in Graceland. Wondering how he was going to afford sound equipment, stage outfits, and other essentials of a professional Elvis tribute artist, he stopped at a casino on the way back from Tupelo. He walked into a casino with just a pocketful of change and he emerged having hit the slot-machine jackpot. Mike knew this was a sign that ‘the man upstairs’ wanted him to do this and as the money was being counted into his hands, he knew exactly how he would spend his winnings.

He immediately had a white Elvis jump-suit tailor-made and embellished with rhinstones, jewels, studs, and sequins by the same tailor that made them for Elvis. He visited a music store and bought sound equipment, a professional microphone, a Peavey mixing board and loud speakers. To complete his look, Mike grew his sideburns long and dyed his natural blonde hair black and had it styled to look like Elvis.

And so began Mike’s 14 plus years of touring as a professional Elvis Tribute Artist and Performer.


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