Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation



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 154 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453

Power up your imagination! Get your inventiveness in gear! For an industrial strength museum experience, come visit the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation. It is located on the scenic banks of the Charles River in the historic 1814 Boston Manufacturing Company textile mill, on the National Register of Historic Places as America’s first factory. Hear the tale of Francis Cabot Lowell, who risked life and fortune when he secretly memorized plans for English power looms, then developed a system of manufacturing that propelled the newly-formed United States to the top of world’s industrial might. Learn about the fabled Waltham Watch Company, which perfected the process of mass production as it produced more than 40 million watches during 100 years of operation. Waltham continues to be known internationally as the "Watch City." Explore the inventions that powered America into the modern age — steam engines, generators, timepieces, machine tools, bicycles, automobiles, and hundreds of other gizmos – plus the geniuses who perfected them. Experience the room-shaking uproar of vintage precision machinery in operation, powered in the traditional manner by overhead line shafts. Inspire your own Yankee ingenuity. Visit soon!