Lexington Arts and Crafts Society

Lexington Arts and Crafts Society

Nonprofit - Visual Art

Website: http://www.lexart.org


 130 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

The Society is a non-profit regional education center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of excellence in both the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. The Society consists of nine Guilds: Ceramics, Decorative Arts, Needle Arts, Metalworkers, Painters, Photographers, Polymer & Beading, Weavers & Fiber Arts, and Woodworkers. Its nearly 200 members are an active force in the arts community. The building provides well-equipped workspaces. The Molly Nye Gallery used for a complete schedule of exhibits and sales events year-round.

Our Mission

To spark joy, enrich lives, and build community through the practice, teaching, and sharing of art and craft.

Our Vision

The human need to create is celebrated, encouraged, and embraced.

Our Values

We are welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to all. We embody generosity and a spirit of service. We foster curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. We demonstrate kindness and respect for one another. We fervently believe that creative exploration helps us understand ourselves, each other, our commonality and binds us together.

Our Goals

Cherish and pass on traditional methods of craft. Acknowledge and welcome diverse and contrasting voices. Celebrate new perspectives and ideas. Increase the community’s knowledge, appreciation, and awareness of art and craft. Be a vibrant center of creativity and growth, providing ladders of learning and pathways of access and engagement.