Munroe Center for the Arts

Munroe Center for the Arts




 1403 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA 02420

Our mission is to further the cultural and artistic education of the residents of Lexington, Massachusetts by running a community arts center, teaching visual and performing arts education classes, providing low-cost studio space for community artists, operating a gallery, and organizing community arts-related events.

They house 11 studio artists and act as an umbrella organization for eight schools, whose teaching staff includes twenty dance instructors, seventeen music instructors, dozens of visual arts instructors, several martial arts instructors, and a teaching ceramics studio manager. These schools comprise all of the visual and performing arts and serve every age (beginning at 2 years old!) year-round. Munroe offers vacation programs for school-age youth, including an 8-week summer arts program that offers a counselors-in-training program.