Praxis Stage

Praxis Stage


Praxis Stage is a new theater company, formed on November 9th, 2016, as a response to the disaster of Trump’s election, with the goals of linking theater with activism and producing plays that enter contemporary political crisis points and ongoing cultural conversations.

As a company, we seek to cultivate a core of artists who burn to tell stories that address injustice and imagine a more equitable and truly democratic society, while also continually pulling in new artists to play with us, paying particular attention to forging productions with a richness in diversity of identity, and with an admitted secondary mission of having a particularly keen eye out for Boston born and raised talent to grace our stages.

An additional tenant of Praxis Stage involves connecting with activist groups working on the issues our plays raise, and providing them spaces at our shows to raise awareness about those issues through brief talk-backs, providing literature in our lobbies, and engaging in “next steps” dialogues with our patrons.

However, at our core we our artists, not lecturers, and making art that affects, moves, challenges, troubles, delights, and ultimately inspires our audiences, is the true heart of our mission.