Danza Orgánica

Danza Orgánica

Dance - Nonprofit - Theatre - World & Traditional

Website: http://www.danzaorganica.org


 30 Atherton Street, Boston, MA 02119

Danza Orgánica is a Boston-based Contemporary Dance Theater company founded in 2007, by Puerto Rican artist Marsha Parrilla.

Danza Orgánica unfolds societal issues through intensive research and collaboration, and embodies these findings to create challenging and honest dance theater. DO reaches within the ordinary and extraordinary movements of the body- to produce complex, refreshing, and engaging dance-theater performances. We transcend disciplines, combining different art forms, while still retaining a primacy for dance and movement.
Danza Orgánica is a process and performance-based company. As part of our community engagement we are available for workshops, master classes, and performance series for the community.


We are intrepid and resilient. We take risks and dance stronger together. We strive to leave our community better than we inherited it. We are in solidarity with underrepresented voices that face the “isms”. Love and social justice are our foundation. We rewrite our stories through creative movement that de-colonizes our bodies and reinvents our way of experiencing the world.

Danza Orgánica supports women’s rights. We bring this to light with our annual festival: We Create! Celebrating Women in the Arts.


Through dance-theater, Danza Orgánica envisions an equitable society free of oppression. We provide educational and performance opportunities for the community through workshops, lecture demonstrations, and our annual festival. We engage in meaningful collaborations, and work directly with the community through intentional partnerships. We honor process as the key element in our creative work, and share all stages of our creative process with the community.