The Front Porch Arts Collective

The Front Porch Arts Collective



 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

The Front Porch Arts Collective is in residence at Central Square Theater. The Collective is a new and exciting Boston-based Arts Collective, which was founded by Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Dawn Meredith Simmons, and Keith Mascoll.

The Front Porch Arts Collective will examine the interactions between race, economics, culture, gender and sexuality from a Black and Brown perspective. We exist to make art that challenges notions of the Black and Brown experience, and we seek a deeper understanding of the struggle.  Additionally, we expose aspects of this experience in uniquely dynamic ways, and we are committed to providing opportunities for Black and Brown talent.  We are an inclusive organization, which interfaces with communities of color by using performance in all of its forms, both to examine the Black and Brown experience and to bolster Black and Brown art.

The Front Porch Arts Collective seeks to create a place where perspectives and experiences of Black and Brown people are no longer novelty, but an integral part of the global conversation.  By creating an atmosphere where people see the world through differing experiences we hope to foster greater understanding of the human condition that ultimately contributes to tolerance and empathy in our world.