Oct 30 2021
Nov 27 2021
Sisters of the Brush and Palette: Women Artists of...

Sisters of the Brush and Palette: Women Artists of...

Presented by The Guild of Boston Artists at The Guild of Boston Artists

The Guild of Boston Artists is proud to present Sisters of the Brush and Palette: Woman Artists of the Guild at its Newbury Street gallery from October 30 - November 27. In this moment rich with discourse concerning diversity and gender equity in every industry, this special exhibition celebrates the significant contributions of the Guild's contemporary female members to the cultural life of the city of Boston. The Guild's women artists bring immense skill, considered thought, and unflagging passion to their work and have found enduring success within an organization that was built on the belief in the democracy of art.

The upcoming exhibition will offer an opportunity to explore the myriad unique ways the Guild's female members observe and depict the world around them, with or without gender identity in mind, according to their own artistic philosophies. Artist member Christina Mastrangelo reflects on this idea saying, "I am interested in making paintings that speak to who we really are, not as seen by the male gaze, but from the gaze of a female artist compelled to change the dialogue around women in art history." By contrast, Guild Vice-President and Membership Chair Lynne Mehlman feels "a painting should speak for itself, and the gender identity of the creator shouldn't be a consideration unless that is something that the painting is trying to convey. My aim is not to convey any sort of identity statement in my paintings, but rather simply to paint the beauty of nature." Above all, what links the Guild's women artists together is not a particular "feminine" style, subject matter, or perspective, but a devotion to the mastery of their craft.

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Free Admission

Dates & Times

2021/10/30 - 2021/11/27

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The Guild of Boston Artists

162 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

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There are street parking spots around the street. In addition, Standard Parking, an outdoor parking lot, is located on 149 Newbury St which is right facing to our gallery.