Oct 16 - 17 2021
Protecting Our Seagrass Habitat

Protecting Our Seagrass Habitat

Presented by Fort Point Arts Community at 5NECCO

Boston, Fort Point Channel Arts Community is pleased to announce “Protecting our Seagrass Habitat”  a temporary arts paper installation created by artist Nedret Andre and public participation. This environmental arts event takes place October 16 & October 17 in the Necco building. Nedret Andre is committed to building awareness of our declining seagrass habitats and finding solutions to help protect the fragile ecosystem. This project aims to highlight how positive intervention can impact  the water quality and the health of our seagrass habitats.  In this collaborative effort of creating a large scale paper sculpture of a seagrass habitat, Andre hopes to initiate “Dialogue through making”.

Seagrass brings with it so many ecosystem benefits; sequestering CO2, coastal flood protection, and being home to many marine animals. "We are losing two football fields of eelgrass every hour. This means less oxygen, less shoreline protection, less food for marine animals, and less protein for us," says Nedret. "The future of our seagrass habitats depends on how we protect and take care of our oceans."

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2021/10/16 - 2021/10/17

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5 Necco St, Boston, MA 02210