Nov 02 2020
Dec 07 2020
Creative Lens Photography

Creative Lens Photography

Presented by The Umbrella Arts Center at Online/Virtual Space

Capture images in artful and creative ways with unique perspectives and filters. Use a simple digital camera, smart phone, or tablet. No prior experience necessary.

Learn techniques and create art during zoom classes. See patterns of heat signatures with a simulated infrared lens. Create kaleidoscopic pictures in a stylistic cubistic form. See how far the sky can reach!

Personalized photographs also serve as inspiration to create artworks with colored pencils, pen, ink, and watercolor painting.

Recommended Class Materials:
-Smart phone or tablet with digital camera
-"Kaleidoscope steampunk glasses goggles with rainbow crystal glass lens" (available on amazon)
-"Rainbow symphony diffraction gratings slides - linear 500 line/millimeters diffraction" (available on amazon)
-"Full spectrum camera" app (available at the app store)
-Drawing materials (such as markers or colored pencils)

Dates & Times

2020/11/02 - 2020/12/07

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space