Brookline Music School Teen Songwriting Workshop

Brookline Music School Teen Songwriting Workshop

Presented by Brookline Music School at Brookline Music School

A creative forum for aspiring teen songwriters, this class meets weekly and covers the essential skills needed to create memorable and expressive songs. Designed and taught by an award-winning songwriter, the semester’s syllabus addresses melody, harmony, form, and incorporation of lyrics, as well as strategies to harness one’s muse, and transform inspiration into a concrete portfolio. Participants should have basic facility on a chordal instrument such as guitar or piano, and must be willing to sing! Access to technology such as GarageBand, Logic, or Protools is also advised.

Dates & Times

2020/10/01 - 2021/01/21

Location Info

Brookline Music School

25 Kennard Rd., Brookline, MA 02445