Jul 16 2020
Ferocious Fossils - Dinosaurs Then & Now

Ferocious Fossils - Dinosaurs Then & Now

Presented by Tumblehome Press at Online/Virtual Space

Discover Secret Clues
Visit a Virtual Fossil Lab
Learn About The Latest Finds
With An Award Winning Paleontologist As Your Guide

Tumblehome author & longtime researcher, Barnas Monteith, discusses the latest discoveries in the world of vertebrate (dinosaur) paleontology, which prove just why and how dinosaurs evolved into modern day birds.

In this virtual class, Barnas shows you some of the latest finds, including the smallest dinosaur ever (only 4 inches), the first fully intact dinosaur fossil with feathers, and complete bird-like dinosaur fossils discovered in China. You will be treated to some never-before-seen high power microscope (Scanning Electron Microscope) pictures of sauropod (like Brontosaurus) and theropod (like T-rex) dinosaur and bird eggs so you can see just how closely related they are. Tour a virtual fossil lab and much, much more!

Learn how modern field paleontology is just as exhilarating as the days long ago. FREE

For Paleontologists 7+

Date:  July 16, 2020

Time:  3:00pm to 3:45 pm ET

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2020/07/16 - 2020/07/16

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Online/Virtual Space