Presented by Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) at Online/Virtual Space

The past several years have seen a resurgence, reappraisal and reaffirmation of feminism. At the same time, we are now living the hurricane impact predicted by Alvin and Heidi Toffler in Future Shock (1970): accelerating cultural thrust creates an unfamiliar world into which we are launched like astronauts into an unknown dimension. Women artists are now uniquely poised to be cultural powerbrokers whose viewpoints on the future of society and the planet shape the world stage itself, instead of merely filling seats in the audience.

FeministFuturist adds to the cultural conversation about the future from a feminist point of view, inserting female-centered narratives into future worlds. The exhibition includes work that speculates on future earth communities and the potential lives of beings of all kinds, while offering visions of coexistence, healing, and community.
Artists: Freedom Baird, Amy Borezo, Nadine Boughton, Linda Leslie Brown, Marisa Chentakul, Julia Daviy, Magda Fernandez, KSpace (Karen Meninno and Carolyn Wirth), Brenna Leaver, AK Liesenfeld, Linda Price-Sneddon and Genevieve Quick

Dates & Times

2020/03/30 - 2021/10/18

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space