Aug 14 - 25 2019
Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

Presented by Kingston Gallery at Kingston Gallery

Guest Curator: Shelby Feltoon
Artists: Cameron Boyce, Shelby Feltoon, Meagan Hepp, and Katie Lane

Curator's Statement

Pinky Promise is a group exhibition featuring the artwork of Cameron Boyce, Shelby Feltoon, Meagan Hepp, and Katie Lane. A pinky promise is a simple and innocent gesture that we learn to place a lot of faith in. Picked up on playgrounds in our youth, the ritual becomes sacred: the embrace is a binding contract. Much like this gesture, the artwork in this show expresses the promises we make to ourselves and others through our studio practices. It will investigate times when an outward-facing expression says something different than our internal thoughts and intentions, and times when thought and expression exist in perfect harmony. This seemingly vibrant, high-chroma, and playful display will nod at the moments when we place full trust in an external force, and the times we acknowledge our own skepticism. It will point out the human-ness of wanting to believe that things will work out, even when disappointment is a part of daily life. This show will honor promises made to protect, preserve, and respect even when it feels impossible to do so.

Dates & Times

2019/08/14 - 2019/08/25

Location Info

Kingston Gallery

450 Harrison Avenue, No. 43, Boston, MA 02118