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SPACE is an experimental communication art research studio based in Boston’s South End. SPACE specializes in investigating the relationships between people and their experiences with communication art. SPACE does this by building complete sensory environments using multimedia and installation art in order to tell stories through physical and mental worlds. Visit for more.

Projects titled The Public Anonymous, NEUROSAPIEN, and Moving Image Lab all emphasize the important connection between the audience, the artist, and the art being created. 

The Public Anonymous investigates the spaces within public and private self-expression. SPACE will build or destroy communication between strangers simultaneously within the public and private spaces. We will study the actions of the public by analyzing their reactions to site-specific installations, strategically placed in areas functioning to offer and build community. We will utilize and manipulate technology as a primary means of interaction for our investigation by expanding and contracting its presence through the subversion of traditional analog formats of self-expression, including, but not limited to, poetry, music, illustration, conversation, film, photography, and sound. By creating opportunities for experiential engagement, we aim to ampligy the layers of filtering between self and society, questioning the mind-body tactility to object, experience, and perceive. We will observe how technology functions as an acc

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