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Nightingale Vocal Ensemble

Nightingale Vocal Ensemble

Nightingale Vocal Ensemble is a Boston-based chamber choir dedicated to curating unique and imaginative concert experiences by performing its members’ original compositions, presenting carried ensemble and chamber works, and engaging in innovative collaborations throughout the community.

NVE creates conceptual concert experiences with exceptional musicianship, authentic expression, and thoughtful audience engagement. The aim is to address every listener in the room with holistic, eclectic performances presented as a collage of art forms. Featuring composers from inside and outside the ensemble, and spanning every century and genre, our music seeks to encourage meaningful reflection on the human experience.

Nightingale seeks to uphold the following values in all of our programming:

  • Musical excellence
  • Thoughtful audience engagement
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Actionable and international representation, equity, and diversity
  • Utilization of the diverse abilities of its roster
  • Adventurous collaboration
  • Art as a meaningful and healing experience
  • Fostering an ensemble community of respect, honor, and consent


  • A Little Lovely Dream Composed by Edie Hill Text by Sarojini Naidu Quintet: Regina Stroncek, Emerald Barbour, Kartik Ayysola, Grant Yosenick, John Moorman From groves of spice, O'er fields of rice, Athwart the lotus stream, I bring for you, Aglint with dew, A little lovely dream. Sweet, shut your eyes, The wild fireflies Dance through the fairy neem; from the poppybole For you I stole A little lovely dream. Dear eyes, good night, In golden light The stars around you gleam; On you I press With soft caress A little lovely dream.

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