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Jazz Urbane

Jazz Urbane

The Jazz Urbane Is A Contemporary Recording/Performing Collective Which Embraces And Is Infused With Great R&B Song Writing, Melodies, Band Grooves And Style. Not Really A “New Movement”, Just A New Configuration Of Mindset/Artistry. It Is A “Collaborative Of Artists”, A Music That Crosses Several Bridges. This Is Music That Has Grown From Urban Places And Thrives Because Of Creative Musicians Who Are Tapped Into The People, And Into Progressive, Music- Art That Is Urbane, Hip And Non-Categorical. The Jazz Urbane Represents Too, The Rise Of Frustration Among Musicians With “Non Musical Culture” Dominating Mainstream Radio Music, Media.

Musically, The Past Lifeline Of Jazz Progression Has Always Been Its Reach To Younger Creative Impulses. In That Collaborative Exchange Comes “New Voices”, An Inspiring Charged Collective, Movements Of Style, Aesthetics, A Sound, Approach. These Never Severed Themselves From The” Blues- Afro-Collective-Spiritual-Pulse”, And Never Dislocated From Common-Folks’ “Dance And Move” In The World. Such Progressive Movements Were Always Led By Practicing Musicians. Market Promoters Don’t Determine Nor Define Art, Only Artists Say Where The Music Is Coming Out Of And Where The Music Is, Will Be And The Reasons Where And Why It Should Go.

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