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Gathr Films, LLC

Gathr Films, LLC

45,000 films are going to be made, worldwide, this year. Yeah, we realize not all of them — okay, most of them, aren’t going to be so great — but, that still leaves a ton of solid movies that won’t have a prayer of being shown in a theatre near you. Studios, after all, only plan to release about 120 of them.

So, if you are a film fan who wants to see the latest genre fare with a like-minded crowd of rabid film geeks, or if you are a foreign expat who wants to get together with family and friends to see something that was made back home, your chances have been pretty slim. Until now.

Gathr democratizes theatrical distribution by allowing you, the movie-goer, to ‘pull’ movies to local theatres, instead of being stuck with what few options are currently playing.


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