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From Russia with Art Gallery

From Russia with Art Gallery

During the ten years while living in Moscow, Russia, Olesya and Jerry Koenig collected art for their own enjoyment from a number of highly recognized Moscow area artists.  They developed close relationships with these artists and in discussions with them, they discovered, a significant portion of their artwork was not only sold to Russians but to Americans and other expatriates, when they lived and worked in Russia.  They also ascertained, these “Honored Artists” and “People’s Artists” sold very little of their artwork directly into the United States.  They then decided to exhibit and sell Russian fine art in America, upon their move to Cambridge, in early 2010. They then developed their concept for “From Russia with Art” Gallery, which would import and sell various types of Russian artwork from their Cambridge location.  This artwork will appeal not only to Russian émigrés and native Americans but to anyone who appreciates excellent artwork.

They want to show the people living in America, how beautiful and masterful the artwork from Russia can be.  It is their intention to bring paintings, both oil and water color, etchings, steel sculptures, pastels and mixed media contemporary artworks, to their gallery, from both well established, as well as up and coming Russian and Ukrainian artists.  When they have Openings for the featured artists, they plan to make arrangements to bring the artists to Cambridge when possible, to discuss their work as well as to give some demonstrati

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  • Anya, dry point by Irena Makoveeva

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